Meet the people behind Hollandse Kust Zuid

Up to 36km out at sea, 140 turbines are being installed across an area of 225 km2; this is the Hollandse Kust Zuid (HKZ) wind farm which will become fully operational in 2023. Such a huge project doesn’t just appear overnight – it takes time, a lot of preparation and many people to build and maintain it. Here, five of the team tell us about their role on this flagship project and why they choose to work on Hollandse Kust Zuid.

Operations & Maintenance Manager:
Rosalie van Casteren 

Master Aerospace Engineering, at HKZ since 2021

Together with my team of technicians and service leaders, I am responsible for the day-to-day activities at the wind farm. We provide a safe working environment, respond to any issues and carry out planned work. I make sure that everyone on land and at sea can do their work effectively and safely, and that the wind turbines will be operating as much as possible to maximise the generation of green electricity. HKZ is an incredibly ambitious and important project, not only for Vattenfall but for the energy transition as a whole. We are pioneers, building the world’s largest and first subsidy-free wind farm in the world. Every day we make a concrete and very visible contribution to the production of sustainable energy.

Why? Because the organization is in the start-up phase, there are many opportunities for personal development and you have a lot of responsibility. In addition, Vattenfall is a very good company to work for, with a clear, shared vision and passionate colleagues.

Marc ten Hoorn 

MBO Energy Technology, at HKZ since end 2020

I work with the HKZ Day 1 Readiness team. When we enter the operational phase of the park, I will transfer to the Operations & Maintenance organization as one of the Service leaders. But right now I am mainly involved in making sure that will be able to operate the wind farm effectively from day one. My tasks range from reviewing technical documentation to being involved in recruiting a team of offshore technicians.

Why? The opportunity to work as part of a great team and to be involved in a long term project which is using the very latest and best technical developments. In addition, we have the most beautiful ‘office view’ of the Netherlands from the sea, while we are working to contribute to a better world.

O&M Package Manager: 
Wouter Jonker 

Master System Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management, at HKZ since 2018

I am preparing the wind farm for the Operations & Maintenance phase. This involves areas such as contracting for and delivering the offices and warehouse for the O&M function, or contracting the ships to take technicians out to the wind farm every day. But I’m also involved with the implementation of the service contract with the turbine supplier.

Why? It is an opportunity to work in a dynamic environment, where you can help build the largest offshore wind farm in the world and so help to take an important step towards a fossil-free world.

Ecologist: Sytske van den Akker 

Master Biology, at HKZ since 2020

I give advice to minimize the impact of the project on nature. This ranges from limiting underwater noise during pile driving, nature-inclusive construction, stoppages for migratory birds or bats, and last but not least dealing with bird droppings! Many specialists work in the ‘Environment & Sustainability’ department and I can learn a lot from them, for example about protecting the environment when working on such large projects.

Why? Vattenfall is a good company where you get the chance to develop yourself further. And through my work I can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Head of Operations: Robin van Buchem  

wo Civil Engineering, at HKZ since 2021

I am responsible for the operations of all offshore wind farms in the Netherlands. My role is to ensure that the turbines will enter service as soon as possible and that they will be properly maintained. Initially we are getting help from the supplier of the turbines, but after that we will do it all ourselves.

As well as the many technical aspects of my role I am also involved in areas such as contracts, collaboration, Health & Safety and building a team of service technicians. 

Why? By working on the construction of the largest offshore wind farm in the world we are contributing to the all-important climate issue.

Many possibilities

It takes many different people to make a wind farm a success, from technicians and managers to ecologists. Would you like to find out more about the opportunities at Hollandse Kust Zuid? Take a look at our vacancies!