Push for continuity to deliver Hollandse Kust Zuid in a safe and timely manner

While the Covid-19 outbreak raises new and unprecedented challenges for Vattenfall and its suppliers, Vattenfall remains convinced that Hollandse Kust Zuid can be delivered safely and on time. Continuous alignment with our suppliers, and an organization well equipped to work remotely, allow us to maintain a high level of continuity while being able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

The global Covid-19 outbreak and measures taken to prevent its uncontrolled spreading are affecting all of us, both personally and professionally. Being a company that provides vital services, Vattenfall is taking its responsibility towards its staff, stakeholders and the general public. Our company’s focus now is to guarantee the continuity of our electricity production and the delivery of our projects, all the while putting the safety of our staff and contractors first.

With Hollandse Kust Zuid, Vattenfall has taken on a challenge to build one of the largest, most innovative offshore wind farms in the world at low costs and within an ambitious timeline. The unprecedented situation we are currently facing is creating additional challenges, both for Vattenfall and the supply chain we are dependent on. The Hollandse Kust Zuid project team is fully focused on ensuring continuity in the smooth, safe and timely delivery of the project. Because of our international and largely digital organizational structure, we are well equipped and well accustomed to working digitally and remotely. This means that we can remain very efficient and effective in our office work. We realize that our suppliers are also facing challenges and we are closely and continually aligning with them to allow us to adapt to changing circumstances and find joint solutions for issues we are presented with.

There is no way to predict the ultimate duration and scale of the impacts caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. At the moment however, we remain convinced that we will be able to overcome these challenges and remain fully committed to delivering the project safely and without delay.

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