Newest and largest turbines for Vattenfall’s Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm

Vattenfall and Siemens Gamesa are joining forces to deploy the newest 10 MW (SG 10.0-193 DD) turbine in the North Sea. The plan is to install 76 of these extremely powerful wind power turbines in the Hollandse Kust Zuid 1&2 wind farm. If Vattenfall is awarded the tender to build Hollandse Kust Zuid 3&4, the turbines would be installed here too. The project then involves 152 wind turbines in total.

Recently unveiled by Siemens Gamesa as the latest generation on the market, the massive new wind turbine will increase wind energy yields by 30%, signifying tremendous progress in the development of the offshore wind industry. The turbine is fitted with 94-metre-long blades – almost the same length as a football field. With a capacity of 10 MW. The new turbines will enable Hollandse Kust Zuid 1&2 to generate enough electricity each year for 1-1.5 million households.

“Due to the increased capacity, we require fewer turbines to be placed at Hollandse Kust Zuid which clearly reduces the environmental impact of that windfarm compared to earlier ones. Larger turbines and greater availability also lead to major advantages in terms of electricity generation, which is particularly important in a subsidy free environment. Having fewer turbines to install also means lower costs and fewer risks during the installation process,” states Gunnar Groebler, Head of Business Area Wind at Vattenfall.

In anticipation of Hollandse Kust Zuid 3&4 (subject to Vattenfall receiving the permit for this windfarm), production capacity for foundations and cables and availability of appropriate installation vessels have already been secured with other suppliers as well. Our partners for Hollandse Kust Zuid 3&4 include SIF Group B.V. for the foundations and Prysmian for the inter-array cables. The offshore installation of the foundations and cables will be conducted by Seaway Heavy Lift and the installation of the turbines will be performed by Swire Blue Ocean. Vattenfall received in September 2018 an irrevocable licence to build Hollandse Kust Zuid 1&2, the first no-subsidy wind farm in The Netherlands. The initial preparations for this windfarm are now under way. Various studies have started at the North Sea wind farm site in the meantime. The wind farm is scheduled for completion in 2023.

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