Estimated schedule

Phase 1

Survey of seabed in the North Sea

Phase 2

Design and tendering
2019 – 2020

Phase 3

Equipment production

Phase 4

Installation of wind turbines
2022 – 2023

Phase 5

Wind farm commissioned

Nuon is changing its name to Vattenfall. Nuon has been an integrated part of Vattenfall since 2009.

2 to 3 million households will be able to make use of the clean energy supplied by the Hollandse Kust Zuid Wind Farm.

With 71 wind farms in Europe, Vattenfall has extensive experience in wind energy. There are 20 offshore wind farms.

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About Vattenfall

Vattenfall is the parent company of Nuon, and generates and supplies electricity, heating, cooling and gas as well as offering customers a variety of sustainable solutions. Vattenfall want to achieve fossil-free energy generation within one generation. This Swedish energy company is investing heavily in wind energy to achieve this aim. We are working towards a sustainable world, for now and in the future.